Nicholas Conley

Author of Pale Highway, a sci-fi novel about Alzheimer's. Written for Vox, Truthout,, Screen Rant, Grunge, and more. Member of PEN America. Lifelong coffee fan.

Nicholas Conley is a novelist, world traveler, playwright, and coffee vigilante. His passion for storytelling began at an early age, prompted by a love of science fiction novels, comic books, and horror movies. His novel Pale Highway, the winner of the 2015 Preditors & Editors Award for Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel, was influenced by his real life experience working with Alzheimer’s patients in a nursing home. He has written for Vox, Truthout, The Huffington Post,, SFFWorld, and, and his original radio play Something in the Nothing was performed live on the radio station WSCA 106.1 FM in 2016. He is a member of PEN America, the writers organization dedicated to human rights and freedom of expression.

In order to better establish himself on the planet Earth, Nicholas has currently made his home in New Hampshire.
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