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Hi, all.

My name is Nicholas but most people I know, if not all of them refer to me simply as 'Nick.' I found myself fighting for everything I had quite literally from the time I was three-months premature, born at two pounds, four ounces up until now...

But I didn't let then, nor do I let now, cerebral palsy define who I am.

During my time at junior college, my personal, first-person account of living with CP, was chosen as the cover story for the 2017-18 issue of the school magazine. I've also written several profile pieces and stories that tell the tale of a then 88-year-old man who had a chronic smoking problem and the other story goes into the minds of a family who lost one of their bright lights to a drunken driving crash.

I've also written to the style of newspaper.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work.

All the best,
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Millikan High , HS diploma
California State University, Long Beach, BA in journalism
Long Beach, CA, USA|English

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