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Just a passionate writer looking to make a difference in the world one word at a time

Hi there,my name is Nick Hristov. I was born in South Africa and am of Bulgarian descent. I have lived in South Africa all my life however recently I did move to Malta. After I matriculated in 2017 I got into studying Accountancy having false hope that it would be an exciting field that would allow me to make a difference in the world, thankfully I quickly had the realization that it was not the case. This lead me to aspire to use my multilingual capabilities and further hone my writing skills. So needless to say. One hundred and ten percent will go into each piece of work and constructive criticism is always welcome as I do believe in long-term working relations between clients.
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Article, Commercial, Social Copy, Website Copy, Script, Blog Post, Email Newsletter
More Information
Dayspring study centre, 6 A level subjects (English,Afrikaans,Math,Accounting,Business,Economics)
ACCA (Association for certified chartered Accountants) , F1 Accountant in Business module
ACCA (Association for certified chartered Accountants) , F3 Financial Accounting module
Malta Greece|Afrikaans, Bulgarian, English, Macedonian, Dutch, Russian

Published Content

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Small business Logo

A local relocation company requested for a simple and memorable Logo design. This was the result.

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Hummer T shirt design

A Hummer T shirt design requested by the same outdoor company. At this point I have honed my graphic illustration skills to the point where I could say this was one of my designs that I am truly proud of

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FAL T shirt design

Yet another T shirt design for the same outdoor store. Apparently they saw potential in the first iteration and decided to request another design

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Glock T shirt design

This vector illustration was done for a local T shirt seller. He did want a design for an outdoor store so this was the T shirt design.

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The home automation hype.pdf

An online article written for a fellow from South Africa who owns a small home automation business and needed an article for his website that would be both interesting to read and create some hype for home automaton products.

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Blog Post
Is entrepeneurship worth it.pdf

This article was done a while ago for a client through a freelancing site who was looking for a way to promote his business development program through his business blog

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Website Copy
Is dropshipping difficult.pdf

This is website article text that was written for a family friend who offers business consultation and the point of this article is to give some insight to curious individuals looking to give ecommerce a try.

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