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Commercial with 30 years experience speaking 3 languages and based in the middle East

Owning a few companies. Based in sunny Bahrain, the area where i'm living is full of USA people, either in the military or here for business related issues. Here there is are many opportunities as there is a free trade agreement, so instead of sending factory jobs to China, bring them to Bahrain? There are many perks here. The work force is cheap, there are many USA based companies who have factories here.

So I have a BA in Business from Lynn University in Boca Raton. I have been all my life in business. Came to this area back in 2007. Everyone here speaks English, although Arabic is the official language.
I'm single so I have alot of free time on my hands and so I had thought to maybe help the corporate sector of America. My actual company helps companies integrate into this part of the world.

My languages :
Reading 100%
Writing 100%
Spoken 100%

Spanish from Spain
Reading 100%
Writing 100%
Spoken 100%

French from Switzerland
Reading 100%
Writing 80%
Spoken 100%
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Lynn University, BA in business administration
Lynn University, BA in Commercial Art
Manama, Bahrain|English, French, Spanish

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