Nicolas Valiente

Content Strategist, Developmental Editor, Editor, Technical Writer, Writer

Anything written with vitality will reflect that vitality. There are no dull subjects.

I am a writer born and currently located in Montevideo, Uruguay. I used to have a passion for poetry and narrative fiction, storytelling being the very nature of who I am as a person and why I started writing back when I was a kid. However, in recent years, I have stupendously radicalized a great portion of my life, and have since decided that writing is not only an artistic outlet for me, but a way of catharsis to dissect, discuss, and hopefully better understand pressing topics of every-day life. Now, multiplied passions invade every word I write, and the horizons of my writing have expanded enormously, and so have my writing skills and strategies.
Content Types
Candid Photography, Article, Case Study, Blog Post
More Information
St. Brendan's School, IB Diploma in Law
Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay|English, Spanish

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