Nicolas Vargas

Content Strategist, Writer

I help eCommerce, B2B & SaaS businesses develop growth marketing strategies to acquire, retain and convert users

Over the last 8 years, I have developed a wide range of growth marketing strategies that acquire, retain and convert users for eCommerce, B2B & SaaS business

▶ Specialties:
Growth Marketing, User Acquisition (SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Search, Email Marketing), User Retention (Landing page optimisation, UX optimisation, A/B Testing. Multivariate Testing), Data Analytics, Viral Loops, Referral Marketing, Digital Transformation/Innovation and Growth Experimentation.

▶ Connect with Me

Feel free to connect to receive updates on the latest growth marketing experiments or to ask a question.
Do let me know what your biggest struggle is with #digitalmarketing?

▶How Can I Help You?

- I Help businesses acquiring, retaining and converting more users through Growth Marketing
- I Help businesses designing and building their martech stack
- I Help Marketing Professionals develop their martech skillset
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Article, Presentation, Blog Post
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Sydney NSW, Australia|English, Spanish

Marketing Technology (Martech)


SAAS Marketing


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Organic Acquisition

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