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Mom of 2 growing beautiful strong kind independent young ladies! I'm very fast learner, self reliant, honest (honesty is the best policy) and hard working. Im a women of many trades and most have been self taught! Im open minded, observent, listen and believe there is always room to grow. My favorite quote is "I'm still learning" (Michael Angelo) criticism is welcome not ignored! I work best within my own space and fewer people the better, but I've had many positions in costumer service and also within factory jobs I work great with others and do the job im paid for and most times more! Im quiet but my pen, pencil and or keyboard is not! I also feel I'm well grounded with a great sense of time management skills! I also would like to add im non judgemental person with understanding of life and people to elaborate a little more on this, I just know life is not a steady smooth road and or sail, life isn't fair either life is precious with lots ups downs and many unknowns! Now people well we all are human no one is perfect or will ever be but one can choose to accept oneself as such. We all have thoughts, emotions, wants and needs. People can learn grow and I feel always have the decision on most and all matters of choice but with saying so it's not always known to one and or taught to another so every person and all teachings are different some similar but all very diferent! I believe everyone has a will and reason but not all come to realize. Like I said I'm mom of all trades down to earth open minded and I like to say work with what ya got where an what I come from its why I became so self taught and also very handy crafty and hands on. If couldn't buy it find it was made or created from what we had from the smallest projects to biggest even when my girls were very young I made up songs lullabies learning tricks and so much more. I like creating inventing helping color music photos and just doing and being as I feel as different not like all the rest and as my daughter would say weird but at least I know where I get my weird from! It's a be you stay cool and remember it's not a bad life just a bad day! Also I love the saying whats the point in wasting time and money if you don't get it done right the first time must put in the time and work. Depending the situation/job you should always prepare to best of your capabilities to do whats expected plus the work and time once accepting any job
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