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We were not sisters from the start, but we are sisters from the heart.

Nicole, a British-born, South African raised, and American made Mom, writer of stories, and keeper of memories. She began sharing their homeschool journey, segueing to infertility, adoption, divorce – and philanthropy, until founding The Sisters' Hood.

She coated their odyssey with humor on do-over days, sharing their trials & travels, and built a global community along the way. Nicole found saving the world kept a balance while avoiding dating & sweeping fur, and became an ambassador for social good.

As her vision widened, her tribe grew & her family dynamic changed, the site began its metamorphosis to include an insightful group of global wordsmiths sharing their wealth of knowledge far and wide. They highlight the struggles and the victories of being a woman as a daughter, sister, wife, mom, grandmother – or simply a friend.
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UNISA, Undergrad in psych and communications
Boca Raton, FL, USA|Afrikaans, English

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