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Dynamic and passionate Singer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur. I write from the heart to reach hearts.

I come from a musical and eccentric family. My mother is 1 of 17 children and I lost track of the amount on my father's side. The last time I check there were 22. Not all from the same woman thankfully! I myself am 1 of 5 children.
The dynamics of my family taught me many life lessons and shape who I am today. The struggles immigrant parents face, the heartbreak of divorce and the healing effect of music. I learned how to endure pain and disappointments while taking care of those who were more fragile. In my journey of self improvement, I held on to hope and I will continue to do so. My desire is to continue to grow and share what I discover along the way. With passion, I write about experiences, dreams and adventures that inspire.
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St. John's University, Psychology
Five Town's College, Music
New York, NY, USA|English

Music Performance Coaching| Music With Words

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