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Adaptable pop culture, entertainment and news writer.

I'm a Los Angeles-based writer by way of Philadelphia and New York City. My writing has appeared on miTú, BuzzFeed, CBS News,,, and Entertainment Tonight. Previously, I was the editorial manager of Elizabeth Banks' comedy website for women, WhoHaha, and Felicity Huffman's parenting website, What The Flicka?. I managed a high volume editorial calendar for both sites, as well as curated all of the daily content. I oversaw client initiative across all social platforms, and managed a team of contributing writers.

I am passionate about what's trending on the internet; I know how to research interesting stories, and get them out before they break or become viral. I enjoy scouring reddit for something that is worthy of a story, and I have a pulse on internet culture. I understand the language of Google Analytics, and the importance of writing a piece that is click worthy without being clickbait or sounding like a robot wrote it. I can adapt my voice to fit whatever topic I'm writing on.

But mainly? I just really love writing.
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New York University, Bachelor's of Fine Arts
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

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