Nina Kulenkampff

Copywriter, Copy Editor, Editor, Writer

Unlocking the Power of Words: Expert Editor, Mental Health Advocate, and Content Strategist

As an experienced editor and writer, I am well-equipped to contribute to your content team. With over five years of professional experience, I have honed my skills and developed a strong understanding of effective communication and content creation.

Living in the heart of the Winelands in South Africa, I draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, which fuel my creativity and attention to detail. My location-independent lifestyle allows me to work seamlessly with clients from around the world, ensuring timely delivery and efficient collaboration.

My primary focus lies in the niche of mental health and neurodiversity. I am dedicated to shedding light on these important topics, contributing to destigmatization, and promoting understanding and empathy. I possess a deep knowledge of various mental health conditions and neurodivergent experiences, which enables me to produce engaging, informative, and compassionate content.

However, my expertise extends beyond mental health and neurodiversity. With my exceptional research skills, I am confident in my ability to edit and refine content in diverse fields. I can adapt to any subject matter, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and adherence to brand guidelines.

As a content strategist, I excel at developing comprehensive content plans that align with brand goals and target audience needs. I possess a strong understanding of SEO principles and can optimize content for improved search engine visibility and organic traffic growth. Additionally, I am skilled in crafting captivating headlines, engaging introductions, and compelling calls to action to enhance reader engagement and conversion rates.

Throughout my career, I have worked as a freelance editor for various publications and organizations. This experience has equipped me with a keen eye for detail, an ability to maintain a consistent style and tone, and a commitment to meeting deadlines.

In summary, my personality and work experience make me an ideal candidate for remote editing roles. With my expertise as a content strategist, editor, copyeditor, and freelance editor, I bring a unique perspective and a diverse skill set to any project. My niche in mental health and neurodiversity, coupled with my exceptional research abilities, ensures that I can handle a wide range of topics with professionalism and accuracy. I am excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals and contribute to impactful projects that make a difference.
Content Types
Article, Website Copy, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Whitepaper, Ebook, Social Media, Guide
More Information
University of Stellenbosch, Bachelor Degree of Language and Culture
University of Stellenbosch, Bachelor of Honours in Chinese
Cape Town, South Africa|Afrikaans, German, English





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