Nivrithi Kuttuva

Writer, Copy Editor

I am a copyeditor and a creative writer. I aid bloggers and creative writers by polishing any grammatical errors while ensuring that each idea flows meticulously from one to the next so that they can resonate with their authenticity while enhancing the quality of their writing.

I am an aspiring writer who has always had a passion for turning thoughts and opinions into written work that can reach out to others. As a junior in high school, I am exploring various interests but one of my main niches has always been writing. I am a member of my school's Student Press and am currently taking AP English Language and Composition. In addition to these courses, my interests are playing the veena (Indian instrument), baking, playing badminton, traveling, and volunteering. Through being an active member of my high school's Student Press, I have learned how to utilize my language skills and be a more thorough writer. I have written numerous articles in the categories of opinion pieces, campus news, and arts and entertainment. Although many topics gain my interest, I am very passionate about diversity, equality, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, and environmentalism, and can write many articles about them. My creative side has always played a significant role in my writing as well, as I received an Award of Merit through PTA Reflections in the Literature category for a poem. Additionally, I helped create my school's literary magazine, Westwood Dreamcatcher, for students to submit their writing or other creative works. I have been appointed the role of becoming a section editor for the Dreamcatcher's poetry and prose section for the next school year. My strong area is editing and revising written pieces - I received 2nd place in UIL Copy Editing in 2019. With these experiences, I hope to find new opportunities to copy edit and enhance writing so that it can reach its full potential. I am positive that I can add a new perspective to your needs whether it is through copy editing or writing.
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Westwood High School, Will graduate in 2021
Austin, TX, USA|English

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