Nkechi Ebite

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The gods blessed me with the gift of writing very engaging content that is easy to understand and very helpful.

Nah, I'm just kidding.

Hi, my name is Nkechi Ebite, but my family calls me Kechi because look at my name, it has two consonants. I am a writer who writes very engaging, easily digestible, and helpful content.

The niches I have the most experience in are writing movie reviews, business, wellness, and fiction.

Fun fact - I am currently writing a novel about a man whose life goes through three life-changing events. The first, which breaks him, the second helps him to regain his confidence; and the last event, which makes him question his reality.

I am here to serve you and give you all that you need in terms of quality content.

For those of you interested in knowing more about my work, please click the link in my portfolio.

Thank you for reading all I wrote, and please answer this question, "was this piece engaging?"

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University of Exeter, Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Management
University of Port Harcourt, Biochemistry
Lagos, Nigeria|English

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