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Born & raised in a beach town right outside LA, I;m a free-spirited meets perfectionist type who can find inspiration in almost anything & any topic. I pride myself in being both highly adept at casual, creative pieces as well as highly professional work from my experience working with LA start-ups & my personal blog. I currently attend the University of Southern California where I study Psychology, Nutrition & Health Promotion in pursuit of a writing career.
I take my work very seriously & am excited and eager to work with you!
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University of Southern California , Psychology
Los Angeles, CA, USA|Languages

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Ashwaganda for Stress Management 📚📲🤓

This was an article done for the supplement company​ Super Food Nutrition on their ashwagandha supplement. I wrote thisarticle​e both as an informative piece on the benefits of ashwagnadha as well as a review based off my personal experience.

March, 18 2018
Blog Post
Essential Oils are Worth Trying--How they transformed my mornings.

This was a collaboration I did with the well established company Ancient Nutrition. I wrote an article and review in one on their essential oils.

June, 14 2018
Blog Post
You Should Probably be Taking Turmeric--TRUCURC Review

This piece was a collaboration done with a company called Super Food Nutrition. I wrote an informative article on the benefits of turmeric as well as a review of my personal experience with the product.

August, 30 2018
Blog Post
How I Spring Back From the Thanksgiving "Stuffed" Feels (Without Restricting or Passing Up Brunch)
November, 26 2017
Blog Post
Finding Your Personal Motivation
December, 23 2017
Shave off Bits of Anxiety with Simplified Snacking
August, 14 2017
The Bloat-Series: Giving up dairy 100% and how it changed my life.
July, 29 2017
10 Reasons Why Removing A Toxic Relationship From Your Life Will Make You Happier Than Ever
April, 6 2017
How To Remain Confident When Switching Majors
January, 12 2017
7 Healthy Habits To Start In College
January, 6 2017
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