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Noya Sedi is a writer, content creator, and lawyer. Her work has been featured on,, among others. Her first book, Tenderfoot, was released in epub format in September, 2017, before its subsequent 2nd edition was released in November, 2018. Its sequel is set for a 2019 release.
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Nigerian Law School , B.L
Niagara Falls, NY, USA|English


Before I go to sleep
March, 13 2017
Are you what you want to be
December, 3 2017
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Tenderfoot (2nd Edition)

Tenderfoot follows the first year of a pampered, upper middle-class city girl in a Northern university. It is a character-driven, slice of life, coming of age story with relatable protagonists. It is a work of fiction with a healthy dose of social commentary that questions and deconstructs the fallacies of modern day society. Here, the main character learns from experiences, and matures, without reducing the supporting characters to plot devices; here, society is called out without the 'soap-boxing' or heavy-handedness we see in too many literary works. It doesn't impose moral lessons on its readers or try to tell you what to think. It lays all the cards on the table and forces you to make a choice.

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