Nzubechi Christian Onwuegbuchulam

Content Strategist, Writer

curating your success with words

The beauty of this internet age lies in the fact that more talents and perfect works of creativity can be expressed from comfort and lesser compliance. It has aided the globalization of knowledge and skills, allowing people to study other people, their behavior and what works best for them because no matter what you do, you are offering a service to humanity. I am not just a content writer, I love human philosophy, nature and its dynamics and have written over 3430 blog posts, website contents and copy write ups in the past three years. I believe in a better world and you need to believe in one too.

I have garnered experience in freelance writing and SEO optimization which includes on-page SEO – incorporation of keywords, backlinks both internal and external and have applied this knowledge in about 225 orders at, as well as published guest posts.

I have experience in creating customer avatars and curating content with the help of these avatars to speak to such audience in the right tone and flow. I am apt with timing and will offer creative ideas because of analytical and observation gifts. I am also a contributing writer to renowned blogs and communities where we help each other grow through written Content.

On the other end, I am a student of environmental management and toxicology in my penultimate year In the University of Benin. A passionate volunteer and facilitator that advocates and enlightens for environmental, societal and governing issues. I am also an ardent student member of Young friends of the Earth Nigeria and a volunteer social media manager, content creator and facilitator of Youths for Environmental Sustainability and Development.
I am a volunteer outreach member of Global Change Makers. A reputable organization that spurs young ones with an extra drive to make a positive change in their immediate surrounding and to the world at Large. I have used my learning and capacity to help with the noble movement of University of Benin SDG Ambassadors where I am committed as a member to make positive changes, drive for advocacy and as well, promote in awareness and campaigns, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation. If you've ever got the need to write, to connect your audience with a story, on page optimization and any other work that will fill a blank page with words. Then I'm your guy for the go.

Just reach out, my teeth are just for food, I don't bite. 🙂
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University of Benin , Environmental Management and Toxicology Bs.C
Benin City, Nigeria|English

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