Team Barah

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Reformation or Deformation, The difference is Information.

Team Barah believes that information is the distinctive divide between reformation and deformation, whence draws from his life stories from personal experiences especially how read and applying financial principles liberated him from penury to a certain level of affluence. His Wise use of credit cards saved him a lot and from there on his writing especially in the financial arena blossomed, Team Barah Is a researcher/writer. Who tackles challenges the information way, helping his mother fight overweight and lived healthy before she passed aroused a desire to research and write about wellness and fitness
Team Barah, is a masters degree holder in Mechanical Engineering and holds a diploma in the art of writing.
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University Of Nigeria, Nsukka, Bachelors Drgree
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Masters Degree
Lagos, Nigeria|English

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