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My background currently consists of 5+ years of retail experience and a bachelors degree in communications. I am a people person with a love for broadcasting media. My love for writing caused me to gain an interest in news reporting. Once I entered school for it, I was introduced to the many key elements that go into producing, not one, not two but usually three news segments a day. Being exposed to everything else that must come together to put on a show, made me realize that I enjoyed more than just the possibility of writing news stories. Shooting and editing, writing scripts, anchoring, producing and reporting all took a piece of my heart. I am grateful for the educators who have played a crucial role in my life until this point. Because of my experiences, I am ready to take on jobs that might not be on-air reporting but incorporate any of my new found interests in the communications field.

My focus in the communications major was broadcasting media. During my time at FIU, I was exposed to many different styles of writing. In hopes of connecting with my audience, my courses focused on writing for print, television, social media, documentaries, etc. I also have experience in shooting and editing news segments and short documentary style videos. Because of my major and employment history as an Assistant Manager in retail, I have become adapt to the many different types of audiences one can encounter. I have dealt with the good and bad of interviewees, customers, sources, etc. and feel comfortable in deciding in which way each specific persona should be interacted with.

My love for writing is what truly began my journey in journalism. I enjoy writing about everything and anything. I am determined to find a career that allows me to share my passion for writing and connecting with my audience. I am a hard-working employee, willing to learn while also sharing my own knowledge with my team.
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