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I have always been different, so it's only natural that I would like original ideas and words, and dislike regurgitated and reworded content that is lifted from page one of Google. As a business owner, I found out the hard way that this is what almost all content writers produce, so I had to start rewriting what they failed to do.

Although this type of redrafting approach used to work with Google, it no longer does in 2018. That’s because Google’s algorithm is now so advanced that it operates like a human being would. So, if a human being finds that your copy doesn’t stand out from the crowd, likewise, Google will view it in a similar light.

This means that whether you are writing for people or Search Engine Optimization purposes, it’s all the same: Original and captivating content that provides value to the reader is king.
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November, 19 2018
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November, 19 2018
Healing Arthritis and Its Debilitating Chronic Pain

Life-changing is a term that is easy to use when talking about new books that discuss little-known, yet highly effective, arthritis treatments. But when considering the comprehensive six-part healing approach outlined in Healing Arthritis and Its Debilitating Chronic Pain, this is not hyperbole. Indeed, the author’s own experience with arthritis, coupled with his in-depth analysis of the clinical evidence underpinning each treatment protocol, truly gives the book a unique approach. Before buying Healing Arthritis, however, you need to make sure that you are making the right purchase. Do you have osteoarthritis, or one of the many rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis? If you are searching for natural ways to cure osteoarthritis and truly lead a pain free life (or at least a near pain free life), this book is an exciting guide which covers many pioneering treatments your doctor will likely never tell you about. If, however, you are suffering from an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, you might still want to read this book, even if it hasn’t been written specifically for this type of ailment. Indeed, Healing Arthritis and Its Debilitating Chronic Pain discusses the usual techniques and approaches to inflammatory pain management such as nutrition, supplements and exercise. What makes this book different, though, from other arthritis books of this genre, is that it provides two strong and mostly unknown autoimmune solutions which are an integral part of the greater immune system recovery plan outlined in the book. That being said, since this work is primarily about osteoarthritis, it is recommended that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers purchase this book as an accompaniment to other books such as Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis by Tammi L. Shlotzhauer, or any of the inflammatory health books written by Susan Blum. Osteoarthritis patients can rejoice knowing that they are now able to learn about the most effective ways to end the pain they have been suffering from by choosing from such exciting treatments as Posturology (or Pete Egoscue’s The Egoscue Method), ozone treatment (prolozone), stem cell treatment, PEMF (or cold laser therapy) and Rapid Release therapy—to name only a few. But this and the other dozens of alternatives mentioned in the book are not just randomly thrown at you, the reader. Rather, you will learn which ones to prioritize and why; all in the light of the research literature, and the extensive experience of an osteoarthritis sufferer just like you. Your doctor is most likely certain that all of the chronic pain you have been feeling is directly related to the loss of articular cartilage showing up on your diagnostic imaging. However, the medical literature is now telling us that the correlation drawn between the loss of joint space in your x-ray and the pain you are feeling is not always accurate [Hannan et al. (2000)]. This is not to say that regenerating cartilage is not important—and a good portion of Healing Arthritis is devoted to the objective of doing just that within a period of months. What makes this One Year Plan so distinctive is that it refuses to view a complex problem in such simplistic terms as limiting joint health to simply regenerating lost cartilage. There are in fact many aspects to this disease that need to be considered and then dealt with in the most appropriate way. The chronic pain you are feeling at this moment could also be attributable to a pinched nerve in your back, soft tissue issues, or postural imbalances that cause bone bruising. In such a case, you could spend the rest of your life regenerating lost cartilage without ever being pain free—simply because you are not dealing with the underlying cause of your pain. The unique and carefully-designed curative blueprint contained within Healing Arthritis is truly indispensable for arthritis sufferers.

October, 16 2018
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November, 19 2018
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