Olivia Zavitson

Content Strategist, Editor

Let me help you find the right words.

I have worn many hats in the social media marketing and writing realm. As a creative writing major in college, I have spent countless hours in the workshop setting, studying the art of storytelling and working with other writers to improve our craft together. My focus is mostly on creative writing, as I have self-published two novels and centered my academic study around it. However, I have also spent the past few years working in the nonprofit sector, specifically on the marketing/copywriting front. I have done everything from write newsletters, design social media content across all platforms, and write/edit programming documents. In today's climate, people's attention is easily lost--everyone is looking for a reason to pay attention to the thing on their screen for more than fifteen seconds before they swipe on to the next mindless distraction. The best way to captivate your audience is to tell a story, something that keeps people engaged and invested in what you're presenting to them. I am prepared to help you find the right words for whatever project you may need, to captivate your audience and spread your message.
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Rhodes College, English/Creative Writing
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