Omar El Qadiri

Content Strategist, Editor, Writer

Polymath, autodidact always dancing to the tunes of the universe. Knowledge, Humor and Discovery.

Hey there, I'm Omar, a lover of aesthetics and the wonders of the universe around me. An autodidact that constantly cultivates his multiple hobbies and side projects. Currently studying Political Science and Economics in Canada. I've always been an avid reader about all kinds of topics especially non-fiction but if I were to pick the topics that I've been cultivating for quite some time, those would be but not limited to : Psychology, Philosophy, Problem Solving, Politics (ideologies and trends), Entrepreneurship and Art.

Now given the fact that's this is a writing platform, let's stick to that. Writing, among many other things, is a process which relies on the art of conveying ideas to people. It's storytelling at its finest. That's apparent throughout history, we wouldn't be where we are today if we somehow didn't know how to communicate ideas and knowledge. The difference between great story telling and okay-ish storytelling is that writing that succeeds and attracts people of all kind is writing that has personality and that is humane. It is writing that takes you out of your room and into the world of ideas that is being conveyed by the piece. It is a writing that incorporates the facets of what makes a human being; resourceful, practical and most importantly, raw.

I never had the need of joining a proper platform to sell my services due to mostly landing gigs here and there by reaching out to people in real life. From coffeeshop owners to business owners or friends that need some piece of content to be presented in a succinct and marketable way. I'm extremely passionate in anything that I do and writing, is no exception. Oh right, humor and wit are almost present, whether writing technical content or inherently comical writing. Feel free to check my Quora for some ideas of my writing style and if more is needed, I'm willing to send some other articles that I've been writing for my personal website (still unreleased).
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University of Ottawa, Political Science and Economics
Ottawa, ON, Canada|Arabic, English, French

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