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You meet someone. What happens?

Of course you say hi or shake their hand (and perhaps strike a conversation)

That is the CONSCIOUS part.
SUBCONSCIOUSLY; you are busy JUDGING them. You are sizing them up.

Are they authoritative or lethargic?

Can you trust them or be on guard?

Most importantly, are they an ASSET or a LIABILITY?

And do you know what feeds this judging?

Dress code, language use, table mannerism …….

UNFORTUNATELY, this mirrors what happens when people visit your online platforms.

They are subconsciously judging your brand (By the content, especially.)

Convoluted articles? You aren’t expert in this area.

Poor grammar and structure? Your product is of poor quality.

Indeed, text content can make your brand look ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC and AUTHORITATIVE or not.

You need content that SEDUCES your would-be clients along your SALES FUNNEL.

It should sell. In the worst case scenario, it should PAY FOR ITSELF in your books of accounts.

And what makes this possible?

*Titles that GRAB attention
* Research that captures your industry’s nuances
*A structure that is not convoluted and hard to follow
*grammatically correct and error free.
*optimized for search engines
*100% original

This is what I am offering you.
Drop me a job invite and we will start engaging and delighting your audience with great articles.


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