Osamudiamen Adedoyin

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Osamudiamen Adedoyin grew up as the last child of three Siblings. Christine also grew up as an only grandchild. She grew up in a small neighborhood with adults and few friends in the western part of Africa.
He didn't learn how to relate well with other kids because he was really a shy kid who loves self-company.
Growing up, Nelly felt accustomed to the company of adults. He was always more mature than the other children at school. Even when He gained friends, He often felt annoyed at them while growing up because He felt that they were too childish.
Nelly's love for graphics and writing could be traced back to when he was in high school, he often spends much of his time doing graphics designs and writing about things around him. He wrote a few notes on Human philosophy and spiritual upbuilding.
After graduating from high school, He did not go to college because of some financial problems. He did not give up there and out of the love the inborn talent he had in him, he further his skill of writing and writing by taking a certified program at Google tech Computer Institute and was certified at the end of the program and was employed there as a tutor because of his skill in Computer Designs and writing.
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Presentation, Infographic, Illustration, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic
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Western Boys High school , General studies Diploma
Googletech Computer Institute , Certificate of completion
Benin City, Nigeria|English

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