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Hi I am Pablo, I am teenager, who loves read specific articles and have now the opportunity with you guys my knowledge as experiencies, also I am always thinking that there are new things to learn, and always that I heard or learn something from someone I always think "well I don´t know everything and I feel that there is so much for me to learn, because I always say that there is always something new to learn for someone, because I love learn, I never feel so samrt or genius because there is always something new to learn, and that the best of share it with someone, I love also read articles, you know I am just and my social media or navigating for internet and when it dsiplay some article or notice of my interestt without think it I just open it and start reading and wow when I do that I just enjoy it, and I am trying to expand my interest about what topic are of my ineterest, but honestly guy would be a honor share content to you guys, thank you for give the opportunity.

I wish the best for everyone. Pablo
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Colegio Citalá , High School Diploma
ITCA FEPADE, Santa Tecla , Mechatronic Engineer
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English, Spanish, Swedish

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