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My name is Pamela Lewerenz. I grew up in Northeastern Connecticut and graduated from business school with a concentration on accounting and office management. I then attended a local community college for Business Management. Most recently, I held the elected position of Tax Collector for my Town for the last twelve years. I attended three years of classes and passed a State Exam to become a Certified Connecticut Municipal Tax Collector, which is the highest achievement for that position in the State of Connecticut. I have also worked for the last several years as administrative support/accountant for a financial company that deals with estate & trust management and tax returns. Prior to that, I worked in the health care field as an Administrator and at a junior/senior high school as Administrative Assistant to the Principal and the Guidance Office.

I am one of seven children and grew up in the era of The Waltons, Mary Tyler Moore, disco music, Saturday morning cartoons, and 8 track players. I am a proud mama to five and loving gramma to five. Some of my hobbies are photography, beachcombing, gardening, baking, reading, geocaching, meditation, traveling, and hiking.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, volunteering in my community, and setting off on fun adventures to explore new places with my husband.

In my business life, I truly enjoy helping others to learn their potential and helping them to balance their lives (work, home, and play). I am a budgeting extraordinaire and love to make sense of numbers. I also love to focus on the details and work on projects that assist business owners in reaching their goals. I am highly organized, have superb customer service techniques, outstanding communication skills, and possess exceptional time management skills.
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