Pamela Shows-Cagle

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Writer + Nurse + Marketer in Healthcare & Wellness Space

I Write the Next-Level Content You'd Write if You had the Time

Registered Nurse, freelance writer, and marketing entrepreneur. I'm passionate about helping businesses connect with their audience in a meaningful and helpful way.

It makes me sad to visit a company's website and find bland, jargon-heavy, content that fails to engage. I help clients stay on-voice and on-brand. It's the only way to win trusted advisor status.

My experience includes over 20 years in healthcare, plus 10 Years as a professional writer. I have a Bachelor's in Science (Nursing) and a Master's of Arts (Education).

I hold these certifications: Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Content Marketing, Content Marketing Institute Certification, Success Works SEO Copywriting Certification

While at Business Marketing Engine, I lead a team of 12 content writers, SEOs, editors, and GIT developers using a Kanban project management approach.

Over the last decade, I've become proficient in writing the following types of content:

White papers
Policy & procedure and other technical writing
blog articles
Journal articles
Sales copy
Marketing reports
SEO reports
Case studies
Peer-reviewed research
Medical case studies
Business case studies
Use cases
Here are my areas of expertise:

Healthcare and Medicine (B2B or B2C)

Health, Wellness, Diet, Exercise/Fitness

Biohacking (Ketogenic diet, Fasting, OMAD, Autophagy, mTOR, Stem cells, Plasma Rich Protein)

Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Emerging research and theory

Nursing, Informatics, Shortage


SEO, Marketing, Strategy

Some of my public clients include Orthology, AARP, The Minded Athlete, The Council on Aging, Prescriber360, Marketing360, Bold Media, Dr. Red Shoe +many more.

Private clients: 100s more
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic, Infographic Copy, Guide, Presentation, Infographic, Page Layout, Script, Recipe, Landing Page
More Information
University of Memphis, BSN
Wallace College, ADN
Birmingham, AL, USA|English

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