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I love everything about the written word: writing, reading, storytelling, researching, lovely fonts, good formatting, etc., and I have an unusual respect for excellent grammar and spelling and really good writing, My recent experience in communications & employee relations roles included corporate & internal communications, creating marketing content, blogging,... basically anything and everything word-related, and I am want to use those skills plus my God-given talents to help individuals and small businesses put their best words forward. I truly believe that WORDS MATTER.

I have an unusually strong work ethic, supported by a dedication to moral, family and religious beliefs. I work hard, get the job done, and give 110% to my clients by offering new ideas and challenging old ones. I simply cannot settle for status quo. I pride myself upon having an organized and efficient approach to all aspects of life, both personal and professional, and the proven ability to multi-task and supervise effectively. I like lists, schedules, calendars and knowing what's going to happen when...but I also adapt quickly to curveballs (not that that ever happens in public relations).
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Whitepaper, Website Copy, Social Copy, Script, Press Release, Landing Page, Interview, Infographic Copy, Ebook, Checklist, Case Study, Article, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Kent State University, Master's in Mass Communications/Journalism/PR
University of North Alabama, Master's in English
University of North Alabama, Bachelor's in English/Professional Writing
Florence, AL, USA|English

Published Blog Content

What is this "Internet of Things" and Why Should I Care?
Blog Post
The Bright Side to Last Week's Smishing Scam
October, 10 2016
Blog Post
Don't Let Ransomware Make You Wanna Cry

In my last position I had the pleasure of translating "IT speak" to language that would be readable and helpful to our customers. Often this took the form of a blog post alerting customers to the latest strain of cybercrime virus.

May, 5 2017
Blog Post
Feed Local Families Through Food Share

While employed with Bank Independent, I authored, edited or ghost-wrote most of the blog posts beginning in January 2016 through June 5, 2018 when I resigned. After my resignation, the bank changed my byline to "BI Marketing." Please review for more of my formerly-bylined work.

May, 10 2017
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