Patricia Urdzik

Understanding individuals' desires is about more than just numbers.

I have passion for my work and creatively bring together cutting-edge methods and theory in order to satisfy stakeholder needs by utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies since 2009 to uncover individuals' motivations behind their actions. Industry reports and statistics do not give the full picture regarding how intrinsic values, belief systems, culture, (dis)ability, and other factors affect the way in which the world (and the products and services offered) is viewed, used, and adopted by various populations. Good product and service designers/evaluators recognize this variability - great ones try to understand it to better serve the needs and desires of both stakeholders and end users. When in-depth research is needed, this specialized and trained professional with hands-on experience is here to aid your organization.
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University of North TExas, M.S. Applied Anthropology
University of Central Florida, B.A. Anthropology, Honors in the Major
Boston, MA, USA|English, Spanish

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