Patrick Feldmeier

Graphic Designer

Utilizing my passion for creativity and drive for success, I aspire to be a positive colleague and contributor through my willingness to learn and drive to maximize efforts while collaborating with my teammates.

In my senior year at the University of St. Thomas, I am looking forward to furthering my education through the Opus College of Business at St. Thomas. In fall 2015, I was able to successfully start my own company, ROYGBIV in order to raise awareness for autism through custom designed t-shirts. I believe this allows me to stand out from other students as I understand the importance of business but also see the need for passion and creativity in order to be successful.

I am currently pursuing a Graphic Design with emphasis in Print Design from Minneapolis Community & Technical College, which I hope to use in conjunction with my degree in Entrepreneurship to round out my toolbox of both creativity and business sense.

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Minneapolis Community & Technical College , AAS Graphic Design
University of St. Thomas, Business Entrepreneurship
Minneapolis, MN, USA|Languages

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Creative Hero

A comprehensive advertising campaign for one of my creative heroes, Debbie Millman. From print to online work, these pieces show how a viewer interacts with the media in front of them, whether it be a poster showing the next guest, or a landing page where the viewer transitions into a listener.
Ad/Promotional Copy

Change is inevitable and taking an out of date logo and refreshing it to fit todays society is an artist’s dream, especially when that brand happens to be one of my hometown favorites.
Ad/Promotional Copy
Dunlop Equipment Logo & Branding

This is a comprehensive rebrand of Dunlop Equipment, from logo and interior design all the way to branding guidelines. Creating a synergistic company aesthetic through all media forms was the goal in this project.
Personal Skateboard Design

Skateboard is my outlet, my passion, and my love. It has been since I was young rolling around with a helmet and elbow and knee pads to keep mom sane. Creating graphics for decks and other related skateboard products has been a dream job of mine for as long as I can remember, and now it is a reality.
Magazine Concept

From Cover to cover, this magazine is designed with one thing in mind: bring the music industry together. With classic rock legends on the cover to lure folks in, and in-depth articles about up and coming bands inside, Polyphonic is sure to have something for everyone.
Magazine Spread

Designing magazine spreads that are both visually appealing and legible can be quite a challenge. Sticking to simple lines and classic design style makes blending the two seamlessly together a thing of beauty.

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