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Patrick's journalism covers business, industry and politics, with a focus on the built environment and sustainability. He also freelances on travel and culture, and has worked extensively in commercial copywriting.
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Recycling for fun and profit

Interview with the founder of a disruptive recycling startup, as it launches an initial public offering

March, 1 2018
In Sydney, a Craft Brewing Renaissance in the Inner West Suburbs

Politics, culture, gastronomy and travel

May, 22 2018
A Tale Of Two Budgets: National Museum of Scotland celebrates £14.1m raised while staff continue to strike

Industrial relations investigation into an unreported dispute at one of Britain's national treasures.

September, 18 2017
Sydney Has an Epidemic of Alcohol-Fueled Violence

Reportage and investigation into a changing landscape for tourists in Sydney, Australia.

October, 2 2015
This Australian Breakfast Is “Like Sucking Mucus Out of a Corpse” AND IT’S NOT EVEN VEGEMITE

I write regularly for Roads & Kingdoms - the James Beard Publication of the Year 2017, and one of the world's best travel journalism sites. My stories are dispatched under "Steele Rudd".

July, 18 2017
Patrick L
'Psychic' performance art: is the medium the only message?

Arts criticism with a twist: it's "the biggest douche in the universe". This piece was done for Australia's largest independent criticism outlet, with a serious approach to a (seriously) pop-art act.

August, 13 2015
A run through the jungle with Kuala Lumpur’s ‘hashers’

This piece pulls together travel, lifestyle, health and fitness, culture and society, food and drink.

August, 29 2015
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