Patrick Sims

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Bearded & brazen

I used to run a website called The Ranting Guy. My vast array of knowledge, literary drive and obsessiveness about grammar make me the perfect combination to edit anything. There are my own projects that I am working on, but that's neither hear nor there.
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Nappanee, IN 46550, USA|English

Published Content

Blog Post
Child Rearing

thoughts on modern day child rearing

July, 11 2015
Blog Post
The Ranting Guy

Thoughts on the shipping industry

May, 18 2015
Blog Post
Coming Soon to FOX: Two and a Half Pizzas

review of a local pizza place

August, 20 2013
Blog Post
This is Nucking Futs

post about miscommunication

September, 24 2013
Blog Post
America: Mind Your Business

post about people pushing their personal agenda on everyone

November, 6 2017
Blog Post
The Ranting Guy

Post about things that irritate me

September, 12 2017
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