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Planting seeds of positivity and healthy living for your life

Patti Mauree Pendleton, an author, artist, and a podcast host.

Patti Mauree holds a Bachelors Degree in Leadership and Ministry and a Masters Degree in Theological Studies at Ohio Christian University. Patti Mauree has gained valuable wisdom, knowledge and life lessons to share.

Patti Mauree was introduced to the wonderful world of painting while in the hospital. She found it full of freedom with no boundaries. Angels guided her through each brush stroke revealing joy, peace, and love in ways she never knew. She continues to explore the world of art as she embraces her new passion. Check out her YouTube Channel, Patti Mauree Art, and her Instagram page Patti_Mauree_Art.

Jesus in the Daily Podcast has valuable teachings of the scriptures while Encourage Today podcast is a burst of encouragement. Coming soon, be a guest on either podcast. Click on the books below to purchase. Check out her latest book, The Love Yourself Code: Unlocking the Love Within. Subscribe to the podcasts on Itunes or Stitcher.

Patti Mauree has become passionate about health and wellness due to uncontrollable life challenges that have encouraged her to enrich life, also. Check out her YouTube Channel, It’s Natural and her Instagram Page at Its_Nat_ural.

Check out the blogs for sprouts of goodness that will encourage, empower and enrich our lives.

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