Paul Costelo

Content Strategist, Copywriter

Great writing at reasonable prices.

Gaining leads through top quality content, converting to increased brand awareness and a high ROI.
I've always written.
Often fiction, sometimes articles, business letters,emails,sales pages.

I've been in education all my life as an English teacher, a Head of Department and a Vice-Principal of a High School of 1500.

Two years ago I  had to give up teaching because of ill health.

I'll never return to education so it's time to indulge my first love: writing.

Working in education has given me many transferable skills. I've  worked with teams, in charge of teams and independently. 

I always stick to deadlines. I'm efficient.

Part of my role as Vice Principal was to work with industry; gaining sponsorship,arranging mentors for students, and so forth.

Part of my role as Vice Principal was to work with industry; gaining sponsorship,arranging mentors for students, and so forth.

I worked with Microsoft in the UK, visiting their Head Office and gaining a lucrative software deal for my school.

Putting together grant applications was part of my job and I  raised £250000 for my school all told.

Clearly, I am able to write about Education.As a good communicator,however, I possess the skills to write about most subjects.

My principal area of expertise is Web Writing.

I love the internet.I love its variety.I love the different writing opportunities it creates.

I'm comfortable writing blog posts,articles,email campaigns,landing pages and any thing else you can think of.

The job of a web writer is to build relationships through engaging,quality content. Content that ranks in search engines, content that makes potential buyers flock to your site and to your products.

Content that makes people TRUST  you and your brand.

Unlike many writers I  understand the internet. I  understand SEO, I can rank posts ,pages.I  understand link building,keywords,how to build brands.

I have my own business website for digital marketing: and am building one for my writing:

You're probably thinking: 'This is all very well BUT  what about your own education?'


You may have heard of AWAI. They train copywriters. Check them out on

I've done the following courses:

Accelerated Copywriting

B2B Programs

Cause Marketing

Creating Email Newsletters

Email Copy Made Easy

Email List Building

Financial Program

Fundraising Program

Health Program

Social Media Marketing

As you can see the courses I've taken are quite extensive.

I can handle any writing challenge.

Please check out my samples especially:' Website Perfection.' This explains why most web writing is poor.

You might find it helpful.

I hope to hear from you. lease get in touch if you have any questions.
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University of Kent,UK, English and American Literature
Darlington, UK|English

Published Content

Vampire Destruction: Episode 1. The Beginning.

This is a short ,fiction ebook. I had intended to write a series but didn't have time.

November 20th, 2012
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