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Certified expert in Advertising, Marketing, Digital, IT, Security, Privacy, Blockchain, Business, and More

I've written literally thousands of articles for major news organizations. I write clear, crisp, factually-accurate copy in an authoritative voice. Expert level at SEO and Keywords, Google AdWords certified.

Recognized as a media influencer by the Local Media Association and as a digital thought leader by Broadcasting & Cable magazine, I have 30 years of management experience in the TV, news, advertising and digital industries.

I am expert level at SEO and keywords, and hold certifications from Google, Moz, Facebook, Local Marketing Association, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

In addition, I have a MBA in Business Administration and I have never missed a deadline in my entire career.

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“You are amazing”
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Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy, Commercial, Ebook, Press Release, Social Copy, Website Copy
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Northern Illinois University, BA - Journalism
California Coast University, MBA - Business Administration
Owens Cross Roads, AL, USA|English

Published Content

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The Nightmare Scenario for Salespeople

The sales process starts before you’ve ever make the first contact.

November, 12 2018
Building Trust with Business Partners and Clients
December, 26 2018
Hackers are now hacking Connected TV Sets
January, 4 2019
Online Brand Search Spikes Within Seconds of TV Ads Airing
November, 19 2018
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Data Breaches Expose Private Data of More Than a Billion People in the Last 30 Days
December, 12 2018
Facebook, Amazon Adding More Subscription Video Services
December, 19 2018
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Optimizing Ad Performance: Measuring ROI for Digital Campaigns
December, 31 2018
Facebook’s ‘War Room’ Is a Marketing Ploy
November, 4 2018
If You’ve Got a Tax Lien, the IRS Can Withhold Your Security Clearance
November, 11 2018
Do you still need to worry about Google PageRank in 2018?
November, 10 2018
How to Use Branded Coupons to Reach Upscale Shoppers
November, 15 2018
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Has Your Router Been Compromised by Russian Hackers? the Action Steps to Take Immediately
August, 15 2018
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How Identity Thieves Use Facebook Quizzes to Swipe Your Personal Info
August, 23 2018
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Google hit with $5 Billion fine by EU regulators
July, 18 2018
Meet the Most Wanted Cyber Criminals in the United States
July, 11 2018
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Cross-Device Targeting and Attribution Can Improve Your Advertising ROI
July, 20 2018
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Why your Small Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan
October, 26 2018
Blog Post
Advantages of Cloud Based Business Communications Systems
November, 2 2018
Online Brand Search Spikes Within Seconds of TV Ads Airing
November, 9 2018
What Is Phishing and What Are Companies Doing About It?
November, 14 2018
Blog Post
A simple guide to understanding Blockchain Technology
November, 14 2018
Blog Post
Why Utility Tokens May Be the Future of Blockchain ICOs
November, 23 2018
Blog Post
Anti-Phishing Guide for CISOs, CSOs, and IT Managers
October, 31 2018
How to Optimize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence
November, 20 2018
Google replaces AdWords with “Google Ads”
November, 24 2018
Local TV News is the Most Trusted of All Media – By Far
November, 25 2018
Blog Post
What is the difference between Seals and Sea Lions?
July, 11 2018
Creature Feature: Krill
May, 18 2018
Blog Post
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tufted Puffins
March, 9 2018
SpaceX gets OK to provide broadband – by using 4,425 satellites
April, 3 2018
Class Action Suit Alleges Facebook’s Facial Recognition Violates Privacy Act
April, 25 2018
The Implosion of Trust in the United States
March, 30 2018
YouTube highlighting news, investing $25m in journalism grants
July, 10 2018
It’s Not a Good Time to Be an Employee, But…
July, 9 2018
Five of the Biggest Cause Marketing Fails
December, 18 2017
With the Rise of Ad Blockers and Privacy Concerns, Can We Reverse “Ad Avoidance?”
March, 26 2018
Major changes to online privacy – except in the U.S.
December, 4 2017
How much control should social media companies have over public discourse?
November, 6 2017
Responding to Reviews Can Increase Your Conversion Rates
May, 3 2018
Video streamers watch more traditional TV than anything else – by far
June, 10 2018
Where does Google go when it wants to roll out a new product? Television.
October, 31 2017
You’ve heard the term, but what is Blockchain?
February, 27 2018
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