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Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Certified expert in Advertising, Marketing, Digital, IT, Security, Privacy, Blockchain, Business, and More

I've written literally thousands of articles for major news organizations. I write clear, crisp, factually-accurate copy in an authoritative voice. Expert level at SEO and Keywords, Google AdWords certified.

Recognized as a media influencer by the Local Media Association and as a digital thought leader by Broadcasting & Cable magazine, I have 30 years of management experience in the TV, news, advertising and digital industries.

I am expert level at SEO and keywords, and hold certifications from Google, Moz, Facebook, Local Marketing Association, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

In addition, I have a MBA in Business Administration and I have never missed a deadline in my entire career.

Here are some recent comments from happy clients:

“Exceeded my expectations!
“Those stats are fantastic”
“Good and Good!”
“Great pillar post”
“You are amazing”
“You absolutely killed it on this one!”
“Many thanks for the fast work”
“Consider yourself my new writer”
“Sending more your way, top notch work”
“insightful, eloquent”
"Beautifully written. Love the graphics you created!"
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Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy, Commercial, Ebook, Press Release, Social Copy, Website Copy, Article, Whitepaper, Presentation
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Northern Illinois University, BA - Journalism
California Coast University, MBA - Business Administration
Owens Cross Roads, AL, USA|English

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