Paul Reyes-Fournier

Making complex ideas into something understandable.

With a Bachelors in Physics and a MBA, Paul Reyes-Fournier worked in aerospace and education but moved to the corporate world. His passion to do something good for the world led him to a career in the non-profit sector where he has served as the CFO of a multi-million dollar rehab agency. He has created and implemented domestic violence programs designed to empower women to take back their lives by taking back their finances. Paul has lobbied Congress for funds to help homeless individuals and served on the BOD for social service organizations. In his capacity as marketing consultant, he has worked with Chevy, GMS Financial, Maker’s Mark, Fodada, and The Tea And Coffee Exchange. He is a published author, co-author of, and has written for JG Wentworth, Walmart, and LifeLock.
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