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I am a first year university student, I have almost 4 hours of my free time, and I try to learn new useful skills which helped me in my life. I play video games, and I would like sometimes to earn a little money to finalize my higher studies, my mother tongue is Arabic, and I can speak and even write in French, I speak good in English. after my lessons that I took in primary, middle and high school. I am 18 years old. My voice can be used in explanatory videos and other things, you can test me we send me a demo by my e-mail and I send it back to you for free, I can accomplish my task give as quickly as possible and correct, I can pronounce words correctly and correctly without spelling errors, in the languages: Arabic, French and English. in conclusion I am able to do the work in a correct manner and you do not regret it.
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AL AWAIL, senior of high schools
ENS casablanca, 1er year license of biologie and geologie
Casablanca, Morocco|Arabic, English, French

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