Paiman Wandy

Copy Editor, Graphic Designer

My words will visualise your message to the end user!

I love to solve problems. I have been driven by my intellectual curiosity to the most pressing questions. Whether it’s finding the perfect incentive to trigger certain behaviour or figuring out how to powerfully represent a clients brand, I have been able to swiftly discover a customer’s pain point and find a strategic solution.

Every day, I continue to learn new concepts and expand my knowledge of Graphics Design, Cyber Security and human behavioural triggers. As an organised and highly creative individual, I love to champion brilliant ideas that deliver first class results and the challenges of working within a dynamic and fast paced working environment.

What excites me:
- Graphic Design
- Captivating a reader(s attention)
- Creative and innovative problem solving
- Helping and connecting the right people
- User Behaviour (human behavioural triggers)
- Cyber Security (expertise Social Engineering)
- Marketing, Branding and Identity strategy

- Branding
- Sales
- Process Improvements
- Graphic Design
- Customer Experience
- Corporate Recruitment
Content Types
Article, Infographic, Landing Page, Graphic
More Information
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Psychology
Utrecht, Netherlands|English

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