Penny Berrigan

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Concise content which builds trust.

I come from a background in health. In that sphere, people need to clearly understand what you are telling them, feel motivated to act on what they have been told, and most importantly, trust that the information is correct. I bring that experience and apply it to my writing.

My name is Penny and I am an experienced freelance writer. Personally, I love being outdoors (so I am so glad the laptop was invented). I can talk about animals and plants all day. I am also a bit thrifty, and get a kick out of being efficient both with time and money. I hope people see me as unaffected and uncomplicated, as that is how I see myself.

I have lots of experience writing about pet health, pet care and pet products. I have also written about travelling (especially on a budget), cooking and other lifestyle topics. My pieces usually take the form of informative articles, guides and product reviews and descriptions.

As someone who hates to waste time and money, I don't plan on wasting yours. My goal is to sent your audience a clear message which motivates and educates. I hope to hear from you soon so we can work together to get your ideas out there - simply and clearly.
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Published Content

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