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Humble beginnings eventually prompted me to take a drastic course change eventually joining the military and serving onboard the most technologically advanced warship on the planet, a US Navy nuclear submarine, as I'd love to tell you all the ins and outs of just how these silent hunters work and their capabilities only those with a minimum of a SECRET security clearance and a need to know keep that information protected. What I can tell you is that I was responsible for over 75% of the mission critical auxiliary equipment onboard and served with tremendous men of unmatched integrity and professionalism. I recognize this is an opportunity that very few people have experienced and I'm extremely proud and grateful for it, as it has shaped the professional life and disciplines I carry with me to this day. If you're reading this and want to know more or maybe your a submariner yourself or considering to be one, I'd like to connect and talk more about it.

After leaving the service I moved home to pursue a career in at the time a booming oil and gas industry. Nearly 7 years later through a major downturn I managed to maintain employment and even rise to promotion in the field of production operations. The skills and leadership I have developed in the past 10+ years through a military and oil and gas career continue to allow me to be an asset to those who employ me as well as further my experience and grow my network of great folks that I've had the opportunity to work around!

Accomplishments through the years include overcoming some obstacles and setbacks that I'm proud to say have not limited me or stopped me, but have created in me an even stronger drive to be successful in whatever opportunities I'm given. I'm blessed to have been in high places from being in a position of working in nightlife in Hollywood CA, being a part of a small but elite community of service men onboard submarines and traveling the world, and now being poised to be at the top of my industry.
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