Peter Stoddard


Content Marketing Professional, Your Great Stories Told Well

Whether you need a press release, email campaign, blog, website or social media content, I write compelling content that will engage your audience, allow them to know, like and trust you - and make your phone ring.

Everyone has a great story to tell, likely many great stories. You need to tell yours before the competition tells theirs. I help you tell your great story well.

I am interested in about every imaginable topic and a very quick study. I rapidly identify and articulate the gist of your message. An internet "research rat", I efficiently glean back story information to provide context and support points you wish for your audience to remember.

I have written on financial services, banking, business analytics, property management, waste management, music festivals, universities, real estate, healthcare, education, aviation, environmental issues, business theater, non-profit, sports, travel, boating, scuba, events management, home improvement, disaster relief and more.


Debbie Gohr Storey: You. Are. Good. Ok wow, I'm so impressed. You write like Lewis Grizzard. You are witty, sharp, a little acerbic, and compelling. (The late, great Lewis Grizzard was a humorist, syndicated columnist, best selling author and popular talk show guest.)

John Chambers: Curious, caring, engaging, fiercely loyal, committed, action oriented, witty, psychotic.

Bonny Putney: Your brain fascinates me. It’s amazing. You are indeed a wizard with the word.

Betty Hudson: This is truly wonderful, hilarious, and as best this old, devoted dawgette can tell, as close to a direct-to-Munson-in-Dawg-heaven as one could possibly channel. (On the late, beloved UGA football radio announcer Larry Munson - written as if he called the 2018 Rose Bowl from on high.)

Greg Hill: Peter has a unique gift for not only uncovering a story where one would never look or imagine, he also is skilled at presenting that story in a captivating fashion. Peter's prose generates a response.

Allison Jones Yeomans: So entertaining! Your mind works like no other.
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Press Release, Blog Post, Article, Interview, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Live Event, Case Study
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University of Georgia, BBA, Marketing

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