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As a published writer for more than forty years, I have authored and co-authored eight books and three courses.

1) I am a noted expert in the areas of Ethics and Etiquette in American Business in the financial-services sectors of companies and have offered my training for more than forty years. I am also the founder and director of American Business Etiquette Trainers Association, and I offer an online-certification program for Etiquette Certification in American Business. My etiquette modules are currently being taught to companies in 71 countries who want to conduct business with America.

I am author of E2: Using the Power of Ethics and Etiquette in American Business (2003, Entrepreneur Magazine/Media). . After extensive media training in Los Angeles with Joel Roberts, I conducted a 16-city national media tour for this book and I have appeared on national and local networks for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, Bloomberg as well being a radio guest for more than 1,000 interviews.

2) I am an expert in the field of a food growing system, aquaponics. I have co-written a United States Patent for a food-growing system, aquaponics.

I have co-written an online course for aquaponics with my husband for our exclusive online school, Aquaponics University. Our coursework teaches how to build an aquaponics module to grow healthy food and fish in aquaponics. This course is written by Colle and Phyllis Davis, inventors of Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems.

Our technology for Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems is currently being used to grow table vegetables and tank-raised fish in 25 countries, 50 US States and 10 Canadian Provinces.

I was awarded Second Place in a noted Inventor’s Contest for aquaponics in Southern California.

I have co-authored six books about aquaponics with my husband and co-inventor of Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems, Colle Davis.

• Commercial Aquaponics GOLD
• Aquaponics GOLD
• Backyard Aquaponics GOLD
• Greenhouse & Warehouse Aquaponics GOLD
• Solar Aquaponics GOLD
• Aquaponics Grow Tables GOLD

3) I have co-written a workshop course with my husband, Colle Davis, that we have taught for 25 years to couples over weekend retreats, Two-Year Marriage Contract. This book is now being edited and updated to offer for publication.

4) I wrote the workshop based on the international bestselling book, The Artist’s Way (Tarcher Publishing, 2002) by Julia Cameron. I was in the first class it was written for in 1987 with Julia Cameron and I went on to teach the workshop when the book was published. Since that time, I have graduated more than 40,000 students around the US for both the six week and twelve-week workshop.

5) I have recently completed a 96,000-word thriller-fiction novel, The Ruin of Charles Lynch.

6) I am co-owner of several companies offering both products and services. I am responsible for all facets of the content, e-books, websites, online courses, press releases, social media and marketing materials.

o Designed, written and maintained several WordPress websites.
o Written blogs and content for our websites.
o Published newsletters for twelve years to a world-wide subscriber base.
o Written press releases.
o Written and produced videos on YouTube (1,610 subscribers).
o Maintained a Facebook page for twelve years (6,000 friends).
o Maintained Pinterest posts (10,000 visitors per month).

7) This is a list of recent trainings I have taken to write fiction in the thriller genre:
o 2016 and 2017: ThrillerFest Conference in NYC
o 2018: Graduate of ThrillerSchool with Lee Child, Meg Gardiner, David Corbett, James Scott Bell, Peter James, Hank Phillippi Ryan and F. Paul Wilson.
o 2018: MasterClass’ six-week workshops with James Patterson's How to Write a Bestselling Book and David Mamet’s Dramatic Writing Class.
o 2017: Trained with literary agent, Paula Munier.
o 2017 and 208: I have also received extensive training and coaching with bestselling authors John Gilstrap and Robert Rotenberg.
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