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From the days long before the existence of blogging, I have been writing. My early work was as an applications programmer and software engineer. Later my writing took the form of long weekly emails that detailed my adventures in Central Asia. Upon returning to the States, I wrote and edited newsletter articles for a Literacy Center, in addition to annual reports, grant proposals and PowerPoint presentations.

I enjoy picking up a pen or facing the screen of my laptop. Because I am naturally curious and take an interest in almost anything, I love to write about a wide range of topics. In addition to my adventurous nature, my resourcefulness helps me dig into a topic until I've uncovered something new or unique.

The bulk of my work in the past few years has consisted of coming alongside other writers to sharpen their writing and help prepare items for publication. I frequently work with non-native English speakers and am adept at intuiting intended meanings, while sustaining a writer's unique voice.

In addition to wordsmithing, I also arrange music for small ensembles. Some arrangements have been targeted toward:
* Holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.)
* Events (art shows, fundraisers, conventions, parties, church services, recitals)
* Student requests (I arrange a piece at the student's playing level, with a more advanced part for the teacher to play, usually on the same instrument)
* Small ensembles (quartets, trios, string orchestra, choir, wind ensemble, etc.)
* selling on

I primarily work with strings, although I have arranged a few pieces for voice, brass, and a variety of wind instruments. I remain open to almost any creative musical opportunity.
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Kaplan University, M.A. Secondary Education, emphasis on English Language and Literature
Kansas State University, B. S. Computer Science
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO USA|English

Shalom Path, Journey of the Heart

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Shalom Path - Journey of the Heart

Paperback and ebook designed for exploration of the way of shalom

September, 22 2014

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Blog Post

"Integrity" starts with the source of the word's meaning and progresses to its practical outworking in everyday life.

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Blog Post

Wryly imagining God's thoughts about the prophet Jonah

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mental sharpness.pdf

A light-hearted how-to for mental alertness

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mental sharpness.pdf
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the stranger.pdf

Written as a Christmas story, several years ago.

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