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Hi! I'm Amanda Stellisano, a full-time freelance writer and blogger.

I've had a passion for writing my whole life, and three years ago I began to turn that passion into a career. I write for a variety of clients and have a particular passion for small, locally owned businesses. Whether I'm writing for clients or working on my personal project, Modern Nan, I'm fortunate enough to spend my days doing what I love.

My goal is to provide quality and relevant content that engages your audience. If this sounds like what you're looking for, let me help you out!
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La Cañada Flintridge, CA USA|English


Travel as an introvert: Hit the road, and do it on your terms

This is my first piece for my provincial news network, CBC.

May, 26 2018
Blog Post
How To Make The Most Of Travel As An Introvert
January, 30 2018
What to Pack For Newfoundland: 8 Things You Need No Matter When You Visit
February, 20 2017
Blog Post
Why Paris’ Latin Quarter Is The Perfect Home Base
November, 18 2017

Language and Education

Blog Post
Learn Italian with Reddit: 5 Ways the Community Can Help You Study

How to use Reddit to learn Italian.

September, 10 2018
Blog Post
Get Perfect Pronunciation with These 10 Beautiful Italian Words
July, 19 2017
Blog Post
Learn Italian with These 6 Dubbed Children’s Movies
April, 10 2017
Input Magic: 6 Amazing Resources for Easy Italian Short Stories
January, 11 2017
Blog Post
4 Easy Ways to Jump In to Italian Immersion Online

This blog helps Italian learners to find new resources, tips, and tricks to advance their learning.

May, 31 2017


Creating A Pet Friendly Winter - Part 1
December, 4 2017
CanEVA's Tips For Holiday Pet Safety
December, 24 2017
Creating A Pet Friendly Winter - Part 2
December, 6 2017
Perfection In A Chocolate Coat?
September, 14 2018
6 Signs You Have A Sick Pet
July, 4 2018
Blog Post
7 Human Foods Your Pets Can Eat
August, 7 2017
Blog Post
Best Tug Toys For Dogs

A guide to help you choose the best tug toy for your dog.

February, 22 2018
Blog Post
Rat Harnesses

A guide to choosing the right harness for your pet rat.

February, 3 2018

Health and Wellness

Health Myths To Let Go Of
July, 24 2017
Blog Post
6 Tips For A Healthier Diet

Tips to improve your health through dietary choices.

February, 4 2018
Blog Post
Sleep And Your Health – Part 1
October, 10 2017
Blog Post
Sleep And Your Health – Part 2
November, 13 2017
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