Piyush Kayastha

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Experienced Technical Writer

Piyush Kayastha, better known as “PK” has over 10 years’ experience writing various mediums for several industries including Web, Finance, Software and E-commerce. During his tenure at a major financial corporation he gained experience with technical writing by devising User Guides and Onboarding procedures to Manuals for Data encryption software. He made sure to consider all PII (Personally Identifiable Information) when devising the various documents.

Later in his career, while implementing Voice recognition Software at VoiceBrook, PK was also responsible for writing a comprehensive Training Manual for all Support staff as well as devising Blogs. He was keen to keeping HIPAA guidelines in mind while crafting the various forms of content.

Today, he works for a Leading Email Service Provider, where he keeps his writing skills sharp by creating, revising and editing Help Documentation on this robust marketing software which he actively implements for a multitude of clients in varying industries.

Additionally, he has current freelance writing experience regarding content writing for a new media company called Internet Brands. With them he has been responsible for devising web articles, blogs and slideshows related to the Automotive industry. Specific duties include:

• Researching specific criteria.
• Condensing information into absorbable content.
• Constructing articles formatted to the company’s editorial guidelines.

PK prides his ability to be able to clearly articulate valuable information focused on the audience it is being presented to. He also excels in his research skills to identify and construct the information in a cohesive manner. Any organization considering his experience and skillset would find him to be a valuable asset to their team.

His personality is unique in that he is fully capable of working within a team environment but just as comfortable owning a specific deliverable from start to finish. He has a personal passion for wellness and the written word. He enjoys reading and research whenever he’s not writing. He is also the proud father of identical twin girls!
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Script, Recipe
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New York Institute of Technology, B.S. Telecommunications Network Management
Culver City, CA, USA|English

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