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PlantGrowPick Pty Ltd from Waterfall, New South Wales, Australia offer a range of labour hire services to the horticulture, cotton and general farming industries. From recruitment of small groups to large teams we have experience in building a team to suit your crop and season. Our teams are work ready, experienced and available for short, long and fixed term contracts. PlantGrowPick teams are mobile and transferable to assist growers to place workers where they needed.
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How can Plants help Environment?

Plantgrowpick | When it comes to environmental issues, one of the major issues is the burning of fossil fuels which ultimately contains high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, we have to accept the reality that it will keep on increasing until we don’t take any initiative to prevent our environment from such issues. And this is where oceanic and terrestrial plants come into play. They are basically known as carbon sinks as they are capable to collect and store carbon dioxide available in the atmosphere.

July, 11 2019
Blog Post
Gardening Strategies for Beginners

Plantgrowpick | The most important task is to find out the best place for your garden. Make sure you the garden you choose must get the sunlight. The three main things that are essential for successful gardening are a sun, soil, and water.

July, 6 2019
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