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I'm a Copyblogger-certified content strategist and writer on a mission to make sure the content I create furthers my clients' business goals -- because, regardless of industry, almost all businesses use content to attract leads and conversions.

To that end, I've written business-oriented content on a wide range of topics, including: content marketing, content strategy, SEO, business strategy, outsourcing, retail, logistics and supply chain, digital transformation, digital policies and compliance (i.e. privacy and accessibility), sustainability, IoT, AI, machine learning, automation, globalization (with an emphasis on compliance), leadership, construction (roofing, sustainability, longevity, lifecycle design, OSHA, etc.), enterprise software and integrations -- basically, anything to do with the business of business. Lately, my focus has been on incorporating technology into the business processes of industries that have been lagging behind the digital revolution.

When people ask me about my niche, I always reply that my niche is business. I believe that, if you're writing for people who do what you do or regulate what you do, you may need an SME. If you're writing for people who buy what you do, you need a business expert. That's what I do.

I serve some clients directly (and this is my favorite role) as a content strategy consultant, which includes everything from developing their strategy to ideation to sourcing content creation (if I'm not doing the writing myself) and editing the results. As an example of my work in this role, I served as content strategist for "The Power of Digital Policy," a book by digital governance expert Kristina Podnar.

My ghostwritten work has appeared in numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, MarTech, Marketing Land, CMS Wire, IoT for All, Brand Quarterly, Marketo, and Content Marketing Institute.

I love everything about content strategy and am willing to play any role in the process. The brands who love me most are open to a collaborative role where I ask questions to clarify exactly what they want a piece of content to accomplish.
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