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The most interesting man in the world, to the most interesting man in the world...

The Steve Jobs of creative marketing content. Let me help you unveil your “iphone” to the world. I think outside of the box which is what you need to be noticed. Self-published writer. Non-fiction mainly. E-book and paperback. I also write children's books. I love innovation and Product development. Im in love with innovation and as an amateur product developer/inventor myself, i understand the process of seeing a simple concept go from a seed into a blooming rose for all to admire is magical. Im Easy to work with. I am honest. I'm a peculiar, quiet, cool, and curious fellow. Inquisitive and adventurous. I am into so many things. One day i may be out checking out the latest tech and then go for a hike in the woods. So no matter the assistance you seek i would love see your “iphone”. Thanks for your time!
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Arkansas State University, English major
Trumann, AR USA|English

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