Ciara Flosnik

All the faculties and powers of the universe are in our possession, it is we that choose to cover our eyes to lament the darkness it brings.

Assiduously following in the traditions of the coherent approach to the foundations, methods, and implications of Science and how it is conversely interconnected and reflected all throughout the pneuma of human nature, Ciara often employs a wide array of philosophy and spirituality to edify her academic investigations in order to cultivate a more replete understanding of the intricate forces that actuates and comprises the properties of the universe. Due to an inexhaustible fascination with the ineffable precepts that comprise the foundation of the material universe and how it transects with the human condition, Ciara often delves into the esoteric of sciences and theories postulated by enumerable cultures ranging from the ancient worlds of the Vedic, Eastern Mystics, Kemit Egypt, and all the way up to the more contemporary works of Descartes, Einstein, Newton and beyond. Upon the exploration of the relationship between energy and matter, it soon became conspicuously apparent that Science works best in harmony with nature and can be used to expand the and an be utilized to augment and enhance the human experience. Ciara has used this knowledge to harness and tap into the human potential and to activate what was previously dormant in the human body.
Much of her interests have succedently percolated into her interests as her interests and studies as her axiomatic assumptions, recognition of the uniformity of nature, and esoteric sciences and knowledge are interspersed throughout her writings and art. Ciara often subscribes to and heavily embraces the dichotomy of the notions pertaining Apollonian and Dionysian principles in order to effectuate a more comprehensive outlook on human nature and the enumerable idiosyncrasies and duality entailed in human nature. Much of Ciara's interest in the Apollonian force is the unremitting imperative placed on reason, order, and the pursuit of introducing and recognize the philosophic order in the operations of the universe. Due to having an affinity for order and methodological naturalism, Ciara often finds refuge in the application of the Apollonian force, predominately deriving a codification and principles to that ultimately constitute as the aggregates that resonate with the operations of the Universe. Much of her studies denote and place a great deal of emphasis on the adoption of a Dionysian philosophy that acknowledge the preeminence of the mysticism, emotion, and collective unity that exonerates humans from their bines of their mortal coil and function as a barometer for better illustrating how individuals intricate with their environment and to better understand that internal compass that motivates and guides them through life.
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