Quentin Gardner

A business writer who specializes in marketing

I grew up in humble beginnings in my hometown of Charlotte, NC. Growing up in a single-parent household inspired my determination to defy all odds and become successful. Education plays a prominent role in my life. In 2008, I graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelor’s degree in English & Mass Communications.

Following my graduation from NCCU, I entered the workforce but my “dream profession” did not present itself immediately. I developed a desire to excel at business, so I enrolled into many business schools in my area. I attended Montreat College and earned a Master of Business Administration degree in 2013. After obtaining this degree, I realized that although I have gained so much “knowledge” and work experience, I still need to find my way to add value to the marketplace. I grew tired of working hard to build the dreams of others, and began to chase after my own lifestyle by design.
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