Rachael Asikpo

Ghostwriter, Technical Writer

Fiction artist and Non-Fiction Ghostwriter

My passion as a writer:
~To weave words into compelling fabric that captivates and forces thought or thrill.
~ To create writing that people would actually read and not useless fluff that disappears in the wormholes of time.

Core Skills:
*Basic HTML
*Word press
*Proficient with MS Word
* Plotting: Three Arc or so
* Formatting
* Academic research

✓Allow me to write engaging content for your book or website.
✓Allow me to delve into the experiences of your past and portray them in words.
✓Allow me to take that thought of yours and spin it into a yarn.

=I will not and cannot do shabby writing. I don't do fluffs and I'm vehement about obtaining sincere reviews on all my writing.

=I am a writer that will research on a particular topic not just because the job has been handed to me, but with hopes of learning something new. This gives my writing an added advantage and engaging tone.

=Top notch communication. Making sure only the best is put out there is significantly based on Team effort. Talk to me. Tell me where my writing is lacking. I will review it and give you something stellar.

=Timely deliveries. If I say I will meet a deadline, I almost always keep to word. Not forgetting that we are all human and stuff might get in the way, I will inform you as soon as anything comes up.

=Integrity. I say NO to plagiarism. It's the cancer of the internet.

Whereas I do light-hearted writing and articles every now and then, my muse is dark and grittier melancholic deep POV Fiction. I like to dispel emotion and thought in words. Nothing surpasses my love for that.

My passion for writing goes as far back as secondary school. I have been a ghost writer and content writer for the past one year, mostly on Upwork and I write locally. Although non-fiction is a great and I dabble into that now and then, Fiction is my soul.

"I treat each job as a unique experience; one that will help me further hone my skill. I love to exceed expectations."
--Rachael Asikpo

To bolster that statement, you may go through reviews from my previous jobs. I feel that would give you better detail about my work other than saying the same things you hear every day from other Freelancers.


Not satisfied? Feel free to reach me, let's talk?
I can't wait to hear from you; let's get this story out of you!
Content Types
Article, Ebook, Website Copy, Script, Blog Post
More Information
University of Uyo, Nigeria, B.sc, Physiology
Lagos, Nigeria|English

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